“EcoQube Air”.. the appliance for air purification and cultivation of plants

Combines the innovation of the “nice air” EcoQube Air between the aesthetic and the interest process environmental, on the one hand, suitable for the cultivation of plants and care for them inside the house, on the other hand your air purifier and make a living environment and a more healthy and clean.

The “nice air” EcoQube Air environment perfect for growing plants inside the house, there is no lighting needed for growth without the need for exposure to the sun, through the LED bulbs are programmed to give the plant the amount of light necessary for healthy growth and rapid, and also provide the plant a suitable soil, which has been developed with the same technology the US Space Agency “NASA” NASA to grow plants in space, which provide water by approximately 90%.

As for being a filter of the air purifier, the “nice air” EcoQube Air pulling air from the middle of the ocean, to die on a filter to save him first from dust, pollutants and fungi, then another filter it removes harmful chemical contaminants, and returns clean air back into the room.

The middle working your “nice air” will be comfortable and healthy extremely, you will not suffer from living in the vicinity of insomnia or sleep difficulties, as it will decrease their sense of depression development among the seasons of the year, and will increase their productivity in their work, has a keen inventors of the device to provide a smart application can do through its follow-up device.

Succeeded the campaign financing of your “nice air” in the collection of the targeted amount, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, is available for purchase through the website priced at $ 199 (3,500 pounds).

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