Ecosia.. the protection of the environment via a search engine!

Have you heard about search engine Ecosia? It was created in 2010, not in order to enter the competition with Google or search engines other world, but to allocate the proceeds in favor of planting trees and protecting the environment, would want to participate?

Search engine friendly

At the time used the problems of the search engine “Google” in the lead always, in terms of usage, we find some serious attempts, learn website famous, not for fame or wealth at that time, but to customize office in favor of saving the environment, as the hopes of the search engine Ecosia.

It started in 2010, when he wanted a young German, named Christian, Kroll, to continue sacrificing the environment to which the world clearly in recent years, but in a more practical manner, where he decided to create a search based on the technology used sites as Yahoo and Bing, to 80% of the revenue from this engine research for the protection of the rainforest, the forests of the Amazon which is located in the state of Brazil.

Says Kroll, the founder of the search engine, which located its headquarters in the German capital of Berlin: “from my experience professional, I realize that the search engines could achieve billions of dollars a year, so I thought in an environmentally friendly way, can we utilize this vast amount of money, the face of major crises threatening the future of everyone, such as global warming”.

The protection of the forest online

Followed by the spokesperson of the WWF, a non-profit organisation which aims to recreate the environment of the previous era: “can we believe all searches through Ecosia, a serious attempt to protect part of the forest is possible, so the larger the number of users of this research engine, The benefited environment”.

Conduct accounts experts see that the person who uses the networks of the internet by ordinary person can through the use of search engine Ecosia, that holds about 2000 square kilometers of green space each year, mean the arrival of the number of users of the engine approximately only 1% of internet users around the world to protect vast tracts of forest, perhaps facing the nation such as Switzerland.

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