Ecuador is related to the process of diversion of data to match the president and all citizens

Data leaks affected all the citizens of Ecuador if possible force, including the president in the biggest operation of its kind, existed for one country.

الإكوادور تتعرض لعملية تسريب بيانات تطال الرئيس وجميع المواطنين

You know Ecuador for the largest leak of data quality compared with the number of the population, after the leaking of information that 20 million people in the country, although the total number of Actos ranges from about 17 million. This process included the statement of the president-elect of the country, Lenin Moreno, as well as the network founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange requested political asylum in the state since 2012 and stayed at the embassy in London a long time before you got caught there.

Company was Protection vpnMentor have discovered the process of leaking the data on the server Elasticsearch is available in the Miami American company owns accord Novaestrat.

And vpnMentor that the data come from various sources, including information from the government and its institutions in the country, the National Bank, and other institutions.

The data include all information possible including names, dates of birth, contact details, national figures, and tax records, driving licenses, and bank accounts.

Having access to those data, the vpnMentor shall notify the department in charge of governance in Ecuador it to solve the problem on 11 September.

It should be noted that the government detained the president of the company Novaestrat responsible for the server, in through the minister of communications about it he goes to the criminal charges against the shoppers in the registry that almost leads to disaster in the case of signed information in wrong hands.

On the opposite side of the world, Bulgaria has been exposed to doctor tax data for the 5 million citizens last month.



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