Edges| Rolls-Royce: develop the Flying Car Under name EVTOL will replace the helicopter

Works of Karl Burke, vice president for Strategic Analysis and intelligence in the Rolls-Royce British Rolls-Royce, the world famous by their high luxury, which in this dialogue is talking about the future of flying cars, which will replace helicopters, and has conducted a dialogue with the magazine PC Pro.

Slimming center Burke for his company, and that he had a right to it, the company long-established expertise in the areas of auto industry and power systems, which is one of the largest global companies in the energy sectors and marine equipment and defence, which is the third largest producer of aircraft engines in the world, what would save her so call the company and developer of parking the plane?!

Says Burke, that the companies that you are considering in the manufacture of flying cars, like a taxi the plane of the Uber Uber project and the founder of Google “Larry Page”, is not appreciative of the expertise of Rolls-Royce in the field of aerospace engineering.

And talk to Burke at length about the project, “even” EVTOL, where the development of Rolls-Royce car, a plane, using the techniques of gas turbines to generate electricity, using the 6 turbines of high efficiency and ultra-quiet.

And the battery on board the vehicle to store electricity during flight, which reduces the need for a means of charging the external electrolyte, and control of aircraft “even” EVTOL about 5 passengers, and is able to fly at a speed exceeding 400 kilometers per hour, and is expected to be made available to Rolls-Royce’s aircraft for the personal use of the military within 5 years from now.

Confirm Rolls-Royce in its design, its control plane “even” on the principle of vertical takeoff and landing as helicopter, and we don’t need the car to walk on the paved road until the completion of the process of landing or take-off.

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