Edit and other video background with simple steps

There are many video editing apps, but most of them revolve around similar ideas are involved in most nurses of the story, copy and paste, colors, filters, etc. But the application does all that with an impressive feature I always search too much, they remove the video background and add the other similar to what happens in the movies that contain trick movie add wallpapers breathtaking such as explosions, landslides and elevations of high-rise, this is not the picturesque landscapes such as waterfalls, seas, rivers, parks, forests, and many others. All this and more with the Video app Portrait Segmentation.

The version of this app recently, namely in January 27, 2019 and classified under the categories of photo editing apps and video. The app is quite popular in the United States of America.

It is characteristic of his

◉ Helps to remove the background of the video and change the video scene with simple steps.

◉ Accurate processing and automatic image using algorithms of artificial intelligence.

◉ Combine videos and photos. And you can blend between the current and the previous.

◉ Create videos automatically get you out of the reality of the video, which was filmed and put you in different worlds fantastic.

◉ Share your video on different social media sites.

Video Portrait Segmentation




Size64.8 MB
متاح في متجر البرامج


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