#Editor-in-chief: Turn your head! Compare iPhone prices in Russia and the United States

For 8 years now, I have a direct relationship to AppleInsider.ru and every year repeated the same thing. Immediately after the presentation of the new iPhone, the Internet explodes in cries of the spirit: “every year more and more!”, “Apple zazhralis!”, “Who needs this piece of iron for such money?!” and my favorite: “In Russia there will always be suckers willing to pay” and “Cheaper to buy a ticket to new York and get the iPhone there.” Comes to call radio and TV and asked to comment on the inadequate difference here and “there”. I thought that the ability to count on the calculator instill in elementary and middle school, but it turned out that far not all. Let’s deal.

The first thing is to agree “on the shore” is the absence of any emotion, political color and economic situation in the country. Apple is a commercial company and the decision on whether to purchase its products or not, one’s own. We will operate on dry figures and statistics.

For the base we will take the price in the U.S. for two reasons: first, Apple is an American company, and start from the price in their own market is quite logical; second, all the presentations sounded American prices. What we see on the big and beautiful slides behind the first persons of the company during the presentation. In fairness it should be noted that there are countries where in terms of rate iPhone was worth (it) cheaper than in the US (sometimes such a country was Russia), but this information is more for the specialists, and the difference is very minor. And most importantly: the price Apple.com are indicated without taxes. It you are paying at the checkout or when shopping online.

Second, we will compare with the official price in Russia. Not on Yandex.Market, and at the price that we see going on Apple.com/ru. It is the price causing so much negative emotions in relation to the pricing of the company, and this price is the maximum when you buy the phone the official way.

Comparative table of the cost of a new iPhone for the last 5 years at the time of start of sales in the U.S. and in Russia. Price for younger model.

The original in Google Docs
Legend to the table:

  • Year — the year of release of the device
  • Model — the model name is iPhone
  • Price — the price that shows on stage. IMPORTANT: all prices that we see at the presentation on the us Apple website are listed without tax. First, it is a good marketing move, and secondly, each state taxes different (there are tax-free States)
  • The price is the price that appeared on the Russian Apple website at the time of sales of the new iPhone. In some cases, prices then fell heavily (for example on the iPhone SE), but this classification does not take
  • A course — Weighted average dollar exchange rate for the month of start of sales
  • Price in rubles — ordinary arithmetic: the price in dollars on the American site, multiplied by the exchange rate of the ruble
  • The price of the Russian Federation without tax (19%) — the official price excluding taxes in Russia. This price could be displayed on the Apple website, if you would indicate the price without the tax (as is done in USA). As a basic rate tax, you can take the VAT of 18%. 1% other taxes which the company lays in the cost of the iPhone. Make sure that the total tax is just 19%, is quite simple: when you purchase Apple.com/ru visible the cost of the device, and just below displays the amount of tax in Russia
  • The difference with the price in the US is the cost that we “overpay” when buying a phone in Russia, not in USA


As you can see, this year the amount of the overpayment is not something that is below last year, but below in 2016. In 2015, the iPhone in Russia is generally cheaper than at home. Thus, when you buy the phone in Russia, you get a guarantee, which may be denied when buying American apparatus. If you look at the specific overpayment in rubles, it becomes clear that taking into account the instability of the Russian currency, the difference is minimal.

If we take into account the “gray” market, to buy an iPhone in our country can be 10% -20% cheaper than the official value. Most of all not lucky Europeans. If you make the same sign with their official prices, the amount of the overpayment will be much higher. And worst of all, the “gray” market as such is not there, and you can buy only the price that is offered on the Apple website.

Enter this link to bookmark and share articles in social networks. The next time you will say that Apple is trying to cash in on our citizens, and the price iPhone, we highly inflated compared to the US — just give them this link.

Turn your head, gentlemen!

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