Education and social networks (1): the deployment of educational content via Facebook

التعليم والشبكات الاجتماعية (1): نشر المحتوى التعليمي عبر فيسبوك

One of the attributes of the internet age : the ease of dissemination of Science and his, or to gain the skill and circulate to others, there is an electronic environment available to everyone, between the world and the ignorant, between the expert and the novice, decided to first share what he has benefit of the other party, it will be a lot of means that don’t open the doors without any costs or burdens, just a little time and a lot of creativity.

There’s a lot of “open doors” through which they can publish educational content to keep available to everyone, but first what will our eyes are the doors of social networking, yes, is not for entertainment only, is to invest the time as it is waste. also, you can use the social network for several goals (or intentions) of learning objective, whether you are a teacher or a learner.

But the question that might going on in the minds of some who want to publish educational content, who have a lot on their minds and they seriously emptied in receptacles number and even drink them all thirsty: what social network is best suited to deploy educational content is? Where to find on of his students if he was looking for? Or any product is the best if he would bring his students with him? What are the characteristics provided by each platform and where is the ease and speed? And other questions that you might think the maker of educational content.

For all of the above, we will begin a new series through the pages of the tech world, we recognize the light around the theme of education and investment platforms to social networks did not serve this area, this will be a decision based on expert author profile, where he runs several accounts of learning through social networks, and educational content for several years, also is interested in the web and social networks, were examined in the master stage, and his interest in her after that, in addition to a variety of sources; the foreign licence.

Deployment of educational content via Facebook

There is no doubt that the Facebook platform allows a broad spectrum of capability that allowed the company to be a multi-platform goals, and the most important educational goal, if we touched on the quality of data that can be deployed in the network, we find that it can publish textual content and also visual content fixed (picture) as well as visual content of the moving (video), video of the data types is important in relation to university education, said that one video can vary a lot, as the recipient tends to watch more than miles to read.

On either side of the moulds or bowls that can be broadcast content, there are pages and groups, and you can also broadcast the content via the My Account directly, as pages in a lot of tools that allow industry page educational leader, and many years ago when I wrote an article about the model of the good tutorial has been launched via the Facebook platform, and how it can be used to network effectively in this area.

Educational content through Facebook pages

In the past year the Facebook by adding a new property to the (pages) namely, “templates” where I let the managers of the pages to control in part the design of their pages and the installation of partitions and doors to suit the area of the page, and templates available “video template” pages that are linked on the publication of the video, where it changes The Shape of the page and the installation of doors, next image model of one of the pages educational: page brother Ihab Ramzi trainer in the field of English language:

Tip: to change the template of your page, go to (Settings) page (Settings) from the top, then click on the tab change the template (Templates and Tabs), then select the type of template you want.

Useful features also in this area: the possibility to arrange the videos in the lists (Playlists), the deal was offering educational videos or courses visible, you can simply collect all the several videos under one umbrella, also the property managers and the roles that can be identified in order to distribute the work on several people when you publish content, and don’t forget the deployment tools such as questionnaires and other useful tools to disseminate educational content.

Educational content through Facebook groups

With regard to the groups, which received attention and multiple updates during the last period, where today has become more convenient to spread educational content, but the power of those groups is not in the possibility of publishing only, but in creating a healthy educational environment to the learner to interact and participate in the content industry, this helps in relieving the pressure on the group manager ensures the continuity of activity and interaction.

We talked in a previous article about some of the tools and useful features to manage the group effectively, and through those tools can motivate members and regulate the deployment in the group to achieve the primary goal which was launched for him, it’s like (answer the questions when you join), for example, help the administrator to accept specific people are the target of the education process or the participants already in the”choir”, and the feature (sub-groups) can be through the establishment of its separate topics separate, but linking something in common is the parent group.

Property of Social Learning

Through the group settings page (Edit Group Settings) you can activate something called social learning (Social Learning), and when you click on the button activation (Add) you will notice the appearance of a new tab in the sidebar of the group, and (Units) or unit of learning.

This part of the new custom design exclusively, useful for groups educational basically, where you’re allowed to put in the group educational content is divided in (modules), each “unit” contains several publications (lessons), you are free to post content within each lesson, either text content or images or videos, then arrange them to suit the educational material.

No water in the evaluation and development only, but in the track bar that shows each participant separately, where known, through him, where as he stayed not to finish the learning of the lessons available to him, but how the system displays that you end of each lesson? Simply there’s a small icon under each lesson called (I’m done), which is supposed to save it after read the lesson or watch it (in the case of video), and so does with the rest of the content.

Also can make this tab (educational units) is the main page for the group, not the discussion page, thus turning it into a Facebook group from an arena for debate into a platform to publish the courses and educational materials, all free of charge and without even the inconvenience of the user through the steps of registration and activation.

For more on Facebook groups, you can read this guide expanded in English: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Groups

Portability spreading on Facebook

In the previous, Facebook was one of the effective means to deploy and earn the audience, there were large numbers of users hungry to devour the content useful and interesting, and in contrast; a few of the pages or groups with useful content and fat, the male that was discovered that Genie and to a lot of content makers, with their widespread and have millions of followers in record times, then appeared the algorithms by algorithms which have limited and reduced the possibility of expansion and proliferation.

But still social networks in general are the perfect solution to improve the deployment at the lowest costs, call (participation) alone is sufficient to convert any Submitted Content that is published in these networks, all you have to do is provide content that is of high value worth sharing.

So be realistic, the entertainment content spreads more and faster than the educational content, no doubt about it, people love fun and humor, the educational content in only limited categories, who wants to learn that skill or the acquisition of that industry, and those difficult to reach them except by using ad-funded within the same network, which can be considered an inexpensive way of advertising and publicity, but for who mastered the art of targeting within the system adverts.

The bottom line …

Give us a Facebook free product can be used effectively in the field of education, namely, groups (Facebook Groups), it can be used to disseminate lessons and educational units to the specific category of beneficiaries enrolled in the follow-up to the edge of the internal or external, allows to create and publish content in multiple forms, and offers tools and options to manage groups well, and because the Facebook network is the most prevalent, it will be easy for others to join and follow.

* Image Source: Pixabay

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