Education and social networks (3): Telegram in education

“Term” is applied to basically agree, but he tried hard to reduce the distance between the category “social networks” and “messaging apps”, especially since that gave us the feature channels “Channels”, that’s the tool that transported him from just application tends in the field of consultation and communication of the safe, to the platform for building an audience.

The day and the following lines, as a complement to the safety (education and social networks), we will try to shed light on the application of the “Telegram” or “team” and its properties and characteristics can be utilized in the field of publishing, not just any deployment, but the deployment of educational content, the most important features that it offers can be utilized in the field of Education.

Disclaimer: there is no relationship between channels and Telegram channels and YouTube, and to learn better the concept of “channels” in the Telegram: please read the essay: a comparison between channels and Telegram channels and BlackBerry.

Channels term notices

One of those features is important and which marked out the “Telegram” through the property channels “Channels”, you are opening the door and for a limited of participants, per channel that contain thousands or millions of subscribers, and we were in the past, at the beginning of the launch of this property, we thank at this point, because the app is free and there is in ads to cover operating expenses and hosting, but time has proven that this feature actually.

When you review the list of the largest channels term included in the site “” will find channels reached millions of subscribers and still work without problems (or it seems), though I checked the more you’ll find that most of those channels are channels Iranian, this May indicates-at the margin – that the app is not popular with the Iranian people.

Water the most important is not the possibility of collecting a large number of participants (building an audience interested in) but in the strong possibility of the arrival of publications, we know that the counter of the participants is no longer that important, especially after I tightened the algorithms of control within social networks (YouTube for example), and in the Telegram there is a split and merge algorithm on the arrival of the content to you.

When you sign up in any new channel, this means access you notifications whenever you publish new content, with the possibility to turn off notifications for any channel (silencing the channel), this means a lot, especially the channels of education, the educational content mostly complain about the lack of access to the public, complain of the injustice of sorting algorithms in social networks, as here, there is no algorithm, but there is notices help in bringing a greater number of interested readers whenever you publish new content.

The content of the polymorphic

What characterizes a property of the channels (and groups too), it supports forms and forms of digital content, in the period that we weren’t able to send a text file “PDF” via WhatsApp, the door was wide open to send and publish any type of content across channels, term, content, and tutorial-as we know – can learn its forms, but prefers to compete not only on one form.

Forms of digital content are: text – audio – visual (video) – visual (pictures), these are the main varieties, the application Telegram is supported by all, where you can publish content in any form that forms within the app, here you should expect a little upon the specific type of content; it is content audio.

May be the audio content of less species good luck in today’s digital world, the home and networks that support it, while it is effective means to deliver information and knowledge transfer at the lowest cost, the video requires a significant effort in its production, as well as the effort (E) in a hosted delivery, while the textual content lacks the spirit and vitality if you will, out of milk is (audio content).

Network Facebook -for example – the strength and resilience of its structure, is still lacking to support audio content, then you are not able to send an audio clip in your page personal or non-personal or your group’s educational. You should transform that article to video to be able to publish it.

Telegram app supports sending audio content in two ways, first is through a direct delivery from within the app, (click and then send) the second way is by sending the audio file ready, either those stored in the phone or in your computer, this brings us to feature the other (using the app via computer).

The application Telegram is a computer programme, not only for systems Windows, but for Mac Alex photo as well, and there’s also the interface to use via the web directly, all of this is useful in the field of management channels and content industry, there are smart homes for Quick Download, and the content industry tutorial-fat, Vita Student computers keyboards and full to facilitate the process of setting up and installing the content to the fullest.

Sets the Telegram in education

Now we come to the property to “groups” that powerful tool that miss on the sets of “WhatsApp” stages, although there are efforts by WhatsApp in order to catch what came to him “Telegram”, but the difference is still vast, and I’ll alert the three important features that help in making the application is best suited to create educational communities.

(1) the privacy of the participants: you think a feature is pivotal in my view, the difference between groups WhatsApp there, it’s in the WhatsApp any person within the group is able to see the phone numbers of other members, while in the collections of the Telegram this command is not available, this difference separates the two applications in classification, the files is an appropriate application for personal finance, there is suitable to build the audience and the public, so it is most suitable for use in the educational sphere, where it is not a requirement that the group include people who know some, it may be a group learning general suspected in the With of in Morocco.

(2) accommodate groups: there are two types of groups in the Telegram, the first is normal group (Basic groups) which can accommodate up to 200 members, the second type are giant groups of (supergroup) which can accommodate up to 100 thousand members, which also provides administrative tools, over, and across those groups can create a community of giant to benefit from the experience of others, but surely will appear to many problems with such a large number of members, so there is a third feature, are as follows:

(3) bots automated: allowed feature bots “bots” that are delegated some of the work of artificial intelligence, and thus can delegate some administrative matters for the”bot” specialist, monitors the use of unnatural and press the “some” saboteurs lurking among the members, as can the bot that opens the door to the joint and close at specific times, and also delete previous messages or silence any member can participate, say statistics and many other features.

Can create bots of your management group, or use the bot ready whether free or paid (such as a bot teleme), and those small software save a lot of time and effort especially when dealing with large groups contain thousands of members.

We have thus covered our main points for this topic, and I must here refer to the guide includes some channel-related educational English, you’ve published it years ago, can take advantage of them for some models of the channel educational, How can those channels be a platform for free and effective deployment of educational content specialist opens his arms for anyone interested more.

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