Educational apps 2019

Mobile phone technology is something amazing in fact. It’s one of the most productivity tools Revolutionary of all time, but it doesn’t end there. Where you can use smartphones and tablets to help teach yourself new skills and learn new things. You will find below the list of best education apps for Android!

EdX is one of the education apps unique. So instead of offering courses from professionals, it provides courses of actual words. But you won’t get a university degree. However, there are many courses in computer programming, engineering, history, psychology, nutrition, statistics, and hundreds of others. It features video lectures online or offline, and declarations of the state, bulletins, and various educational programs. As to all of that totally free. This is why we have to anyone looking for a higher education, owning this app at the current time.

I take Google Play Booksشوطا long since it came out for the first time. And now it is one of the best education apps. Ranging in subject which you can buy from fantasy, and comics, and any other type almost. There is also a wide range of educational books, textbooks, manuals and other publications of educational value. As to prices generally on par with other platforms the eBook. However, it is not a platform for e-books only available. Where can those who don’t like Google Play Books also try Amazon Kindle or the Barnes & Noble Nook.

Khan Academy is another educational platform. Offering a variety of courses and lessons to people. Also includes currently over 10000 clip, video tutorial classes and other content. And everything is completely free. Deals Khan Academy with more education model, such as mathematics, economics, history, science, etc. As also has application dedicated specifically for kids that has many of the same features. It’s definitely one of the best education apps free

Can say that Quizlet the best application to teach there. Where you can use it for any subject almost. And you can practice the tape for you and save vocabulary vocabulary and much more. It also includes support for foreign languages and images, you can share flashcards with friends. And gives you the free version of a limited number of sets of flashcards to use. The Pro version which removes all restrictions to the enjoyment of all sets flashcards. This is in addition to that is another application cards excellent educational.

Socratic is the application of excellent tutorial. Lets you take pictures of different things and tells you about them. You can also capture the image problem of arithmetic, or history, or a chemical formula, or anything else. After that the application tries to answer the question and shows you how to reply to you again in the future. It also covers about six topics. The app is completely free without any ads or purchases inside it. We recommend this to everyone, but particularly for children in secondary school and younger.

SoloLearn is a developer on the Google Play Store. It has tons of education apps. Specialized in computer programming. Thus, all their apps teach you the language of the computer. There are a range of languages available, including Python and Java and C and HTML and CSS and PHP and JavaScript and SQL and even Swift. Also, all apps totally free and all of them enjoy review excellent user. So if you are in the field of computer programming at all, you should consider it.

Udacity is one of the education apps most serious there. Where the spin its in general about the subjects of super-specific and in-depth. Complete these classes often gives you a nanodegree in the subject. Thus, you can prove that you finished it. The company also often told to get Sessions from industry leaders such as Google and Facebook and others. These courses generally have some money, but they also look the same a higher level than most of them.

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