Edward Snowden called the main drawback of Bitcoin

Edward Snowden pointed to the importance of privacy as the characteristics of freedom. According to the expert on cyber security, “the lack of privacy — the current threat to the first cryptocurrency”, but it is the only protection from political changes to users. Famous political whistleblower also acknowledged that he is a supporter of Bitcoin , and in 2013, paid with cryptocurrency for the encrypted service, which communicated with journalists.

The danger for kryptomere and outgoing threats from them

Snowden told about his own experience as persecuted by the US government for exposing materials to the national security Agency. During the conversation, he noted unrealistic expectations by regulators in the control of cryptocurrencies. A little revealing subject to the requirements of banks and governments, he also emphasized on the need to protect confidential data of its customers to kryptomere. Primary concern with Snowden is that if one of the trading platforms ever going to give up and reveal sensitive data of its users, soon that example will be followed by others.

If in fact to put yourself in the place of the large exchanges of the type Coinbase, it becomes clear that everyone is trying to cover himself. They reveal you to block the accounts and assumed control of your money.

He also did not like the development of the cryptocurrency in financial services. He believes many are similar to banks.

The problem is that you guys are trying to develop in the direction of the banks. But the world does not need more banks.

Leaving no trace

Snowden told about a group of hackers Shadow Brokers that in 2016, put up for auction information the national security Agency behind bitcoin.

Source: Bitcoinist

As he notes, this break-in and subsequent events were the catalyst for the government’s war against the cryptocurrency. In General, however, Snowden did not consider the regulation is something a priori wrong. It just must be in moderation, so it’s not choked the industry in the Bud.

Full Snowden speech at the conference Bitcoin 2019 — below. Edward appears in the third minute.

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