Efforts Apple TV following in the health field has centered around the control of the Lord

Apple Company

Apple is very interested in health, this seems obvious to everyone. The company has included several features related to health and fitness in the hour of its smart Apple Watch, as it has purchased several companies that manufacture health products. In fact, it seems that the efforts of the Apple TV following in the health field revolves around the control of the Lord.

According to a new report recently released by CNBC, it seems that Apple has acquired a company called Tueo Health specializes in creating tools to monitor asthma in children. However, the most interesting thing is that this surveillance is carried out through the application of smart phone in addition to many of the alarm sensors are commercially available, making their technology available and is not private property.

Refusal of Apple to comment on the report, although we expect that already. In the case of if Apple has actually acquired the company Tueo Health, it seems to see how the company plans to Apple to integrate this technology in their future products. We’ve heard that Apple plans too big for a smart watch Apple Watch of its own, it has been rumored that the company is working since several years on developing a way to non-invasively measure glucose levels in the blood, a feature that will be perfect for diabetics who need to make sure that glucose levels are not too high.

I didn’t find this technique its way to the Apple Watch yet, but it will be an advantage pioneer if you do this. It should be noted that the Smart Watch Apple Watch have contributed to the saving of many lives not to alert the wearer to potential problems in the heart.


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