Egypt is experiencing the first case burst for Huawei Honor Play and fast moving

مصر تشهد أول حالة انفجار لهاتف هواوي Honor Play والشركة تتحرك بسرعهin Egypt, the first case burst for Huawei Honor Play and move quickly

The first fact recorded his explosion phone Honor Play of Huawei on a global scale, witnessed by the Arab Republic of Egypt, as posted on Facebook sparked a heated debate .

Said the owner of the publication that attach a photo of the incident, I phone the moment it explodes was in the (pocket) my little son, when caught on fire suddenly.

The owner of the publication is confirmed in the new update the time range that the company honor contact with him, they said to visit him, and promised him examine it with the utmost seriousness, said they handed over a copy of the temporary phone, the Honor 8 The X are located .

Our presence in WoT should With Honor Egypt via messages to their page for more clarification, we’ll update the thread upon arrival of a reply from the company .

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