Egypt lifts ban on services of the cream and AWeber

Re the Supreme Administrative Court of Egypt-decision of the Administrative Court the minimum the Prohibition of the operations of my company transport the participatory cream and AWeber.

The Administrative Court the minimum issued its decision to ban the services of the two companies not to submit 42 a cab driver allegedly stating that the two companies violated the laws by allowing the use of private cars in the business, especially that Uber is registered as a hub of connections and cream is registered as a internet and has nothing to their work in the transport and participatory.

Stopped the court of law for emergency decision considering that it should allow the two companies to continue to work pending confirmation of the Supreme Administrative Court on the lawsuit at hand and its final decision.

So it seems that the two companies have become the outside the the differences the judiciary especially after the company signed a AWeber agreement with the IRS to pay the VAT, and at the same time pay the company the cream of this tax since March 2018.

Recall that Egypt run more than 157 a driver for Uber that their application uses more than four million users and presence in the country five years ago.

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