Eight applications from the Google Play store with billions of downloads were malicious

At least eight applications from Google Play with in total more than two billion downloads, were used to demonstrate the fraudulent ads. This writes BuzzFeed News, citing researchers in the field of computer security firm Kochava. Seven of them belong to the popular Chinese company Cheetah Mobile, a one — Kika Tech startup based in Silicon valley.

According to experts, to learn about the destructive activities is available in the Google Play apps, those engaged in tracking activities of users of infected devices. It was part of a campaign to promote third-party applications, for every installation which Cheetah Mobile and Kika Tech received from 0.5 to 3 dollars. And to prove that the installation of the program involved in the scheme, illegally recorded clicks on the screen.

The app, which was accused of fraudulent scheme

— Clean Master;
— CM File Manager;
— CM Launcher 3D;
— Security Master;
— Battery Doctor;
— CM Locker;
— Cheetah Keyboard.

The latest app from the list, in addition to tracking user actions on the device that recorded keystrokes, sending the data to the server developers. Subsequently, this information could be used to generate relevant ads and improve the earnings of creators. And, given the huge audience of app users. and Kika, the probable income of their creators from the sale of fraudulent schemes could amount to billions of dollars.

Google for its part has promised to investigate the situation and make their verdict. However, to date, the company has removed only two applications, while retaining the rest of the right placement in the Google Play for lack of enough evidence of illegal activity. It will end eventually, we can only guess.

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