Electric cars will start access to the kingdom formally during the six months

السيّارات الكهربائية

السيّارات الكهربائية

Ended the General Authority for Standardization and Metrology in the kingdom by a week of placing the technical regulation for electric vehicles, to begin with so their willingness to receive commercial requests for this type of vehicle.

And the body more than 30 specific requirements on those cars to ensure their conformity with the specifications and standards that ensure the safety of the driver, and correspond well with the conditions of the kingdom to protect the environment, and maintenance and storage.

Accordingly, the Commission will be starting the independence of demand during the month, which halted the personal requests for a temporary period earlier to that list, which is becoming ready.

And what ever that electric cars may start to access within six months the kingdom officially, on the grounds that all measures take their course currently.

And the engineer Saud military, Deputy Governor of the General Authority for Standardization and Metrology, for the economy, which published the news , saying, the Board approved the approval of the technical regulation of the electric vehicles after a meeting involving all the concerned government authorities and representatives of the private sector also.

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