Electric “Tesla ships” can carry up to 280 containers

Daily vehicles pollute the air with exhaust gases, which are harmful not only to nature but also to human health. According to Rosprirodnadzor, in 2017 the volume of carbon dioxide emissions from cars alone amounted to more than 14.5 million tons. To reduce this figure, many countries want to abandon the transport with internal combustion engine and go electric counterparts. It is noteworthy that the new engines should be installed not only on cars but also planes and even on cargo ships. In 2018, the Dutch started the construction of two electric “Tesla ships”.

So, apparently, will appear “Tesla ships”

No, these ships have nothing to do with Elon Musk and his Tesla carts. The development of electric ships for the transportation of heavy cargo engaged a Dutch company Port-Liner. It can boast a rich history as it was founded only in the near 2015. However, the idea of its founders is highly commendable — they intend to produce vehicles with zero emissions. Since the electric motor occupies less space than all the rest of the cargo will remain more space.

Electric vehicle for cargo

The project of the so-called “electric vehicles Tesla” is estimated at 100 million euros. Previously it was assumed that their construction will be completed in autumn 2018 and the ships will sail on the waters of the Netherlands. But today from the company there is little news. Did you know that recently representatives of the firm wondered what technology batteries to choose for use in vehicles.

This is not known, but probably inside of these ships necessarily have to be people. But the electric Volvo is able to carry loads even without a driver.

At the time, the head of the Port-Liner Tone van Miguén argued that in Europe there are 7300 cargo vessels, most of which belong to Belgium and the Netherlands. According to his calculations, the company he founded could produce 500 planes a year, but even at this pace it will take about 50 years to electric vehicles becoming commonplace and widespread.

The front of the ship Port-Liner will be folded so he could swim under bridges

Thanks to battery power, which does not take up much space, ships Port-Liner, in theory, can accommodate about 280 containers filled with cargo. Thus, released work 6 electric barges can replace 23 000 trucks that daily poison the air with exhaust gases. So, at least, the article says publication Electrek.

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Representatives of the company at the time talked about the development of technology that will make almost any electric vehicles. Their charge was proposed to use a station of Eneco, which supplies energy from renewable sources like solar panels and windmills. That is, as the ships themselves, and supply their energy, according to the company, must not harm neither the nature nor the people.

It is worth noting that the ships pollute the environment not only harmful gases but also plastic waste. Recently off the coast of Inaccessible island in the North Atlantic was discovered thousands of plastic bottles. They were manually flattened, so environmentalists immediately guessed that the garbage was thrown out by the crew of many ships. Read more about this discovery can be read in our special article.

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