Electric toothbrush: how far did you get? What could they add you?

فرشاة الأسنان الكهربائية: إلى أي مدى وصلت ؟ وماذا يمكنها أن تضيف لك؟

Not limited electronic products and today the products of traditional computing such as the case of phones and tablets, but it’s up to all forms of products and tools that we use on a daily basis. No longer electric toothbrush of new tech products on the coast, as used by many already since long years, but like all forms of other technology products they get continuously updates the availability the stick. In this article we review two of the products that fall in the category of smart toothbrush and learn about the latest technologies in this field.

FOREO ISSA 2: Electric Toothbrush the most intelligent !

Company “Forio – FOREO” technology revolution, and wide influence around the world after that the company expanded to Sweden from just the startup was founded in 2013 by only two employees are the founders of the company to a global giant employing more than 3,000 employees around the world homes surpassed the barrier of 20 million units sold.

Under the ISSA 2 the theme of the summit in the company offered products in the areas of dental cleaning and home care, and that brush smart the latest technologies in this field, and perhaps some of the latest innovations in the field of dental care in general in the world currently.

The highlights provided by the brush ISSA 2 new is the use of a new material entirely in the manufacture of the bristles of the brush, with the use of Silicon fibers الPBT – one of the synthetics extracted – and that is the first time in the world to use this material in the manufacture of a toothbrush, which translates to a longer lifespan of the person making the same, eat less, and less change their color and effects by the repeated use. Speaking of those logos, the built-in editor says move the price up to 11 thousand vibrations per minute.

Come the battery used as the second innovation of here where she works the brush for a full year – 356 day – without the need to recharge the battery means being brush wireless for the user does not need to carry batteries or wires extra with him when you travel.

Been supplied to the brush system to provide efficient cleaning of the teeth, so that the brush automatically evaluate the way in and use it all the time and show signs of expressive – with a laugh or miserable – to the user than if he had cleaned his teeth well enough in each time to use. The exchange of the brush is priced at $ 169 USD.

PlayBrush: brush virtual reality for kids of Signal

Represent toothbrush Playbrush specially prepared for children a new have traditional companies – the “signal” in this case, which has been operating in this market in its traditional and try to those companies to match the technical market accelerated quickly controlled startups.

Explore the brush category of young children with the aim of encouraging them to cleaning teeth continuously and efficiently, and working on it through communication with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and a special application for the phone or tablet enters the baby through the screen of the device in a virtual experience interactive so that it fits in the electronic games different winning to effectively clean the child’s teeth using a brush.

Come brush holder with custom install mobile phone or tablet into a mirror or any glass surface, the app includes the special brushing a large collection of interactive games that engage children through the use of brush and clean their teeth efficiently by following the instructions of each game.

Available that brush in the issuance of two at the perfect price, the first publication to come in the image of the small handle can be installed any toothbrush traditional, friends and other includes the electric brush and the properties of the default itself, sold at a price of$ 25 to friends first and$ 40, respectively.

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