Electric Volvo will be able to pass 443 km on a single charge

The Swedish company Volvo presented the long-awaited fully electric car Polestar 2, details of which began to unfold for a long time. Judging by the performance and cost is the most credible competitor of the electric car Tesla Model 3, to overcome which could neither Chevrolet Bolt EV or Nissan Leaf. Releasing 2 Polestar, Volvo wanted to prove that electric cars can be just as powerful as cars with internal combustion engines. Is it really so?

Автомобиль Polestar 2

The car is based on the platform of a crossover Volvo XC40 and repeats the main features of the other models from the Swedish manufacturer: frameless side mirrors, glowing logo and a panoramic roof made of glass. The company refused from the salon genuine leather, and sheathed it with artificial materials.

In the middle of the saloon is a huge display with a diagonal of 11 inches. It displays the Android operating system, equipped with a voice assistant Google Assistant to perform voice commands. From Google Play you can download third-party applications, for example, services for listening to music. Your smartphone can serve as a car key.

Android в автомобиле Polestar 2

Polestar 2 is equipped with two electric motors providing four-wheel drive and power of 408 horsepower. The company says that this is enough to accelerate to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. On the bottom of the electric vehicle includes a battery 78 kWh, capacity which is enough to overcome 443 kilometers without recharge.

The Assembly of the car will be produced in China, the start of sales is scheduled for 2020. In the first year the company will sell only a maximum configuration Polestar 2 Launch Edition cost of 63,000 dollars. Later residents of the USA, UK, China, Norway and other countries will be able to buy a “budget” version of the 45 000.

Автомобиль Polestar 2

Looking at the specifications, the novelty really looks like a worthy rival to the Tesla Model 3, though slightly expensive. For comparison, the modification of the Tesla Model 3 with a power reserve of 418 km is 34 000 dollars. There is also a version with a power reserve of 500 km — it costs 41 000 dollars.

What would you choose: Tesla Model 3, or 2 Polestar from Volvo? Your opinion about the product feel free to write in comments and discuss the topic more in our Telegram chat.

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