Electronic Arts is looking to bring the game Apex Legends mobile

apex legends

When the company announced Electronic Arts for the first time about the game of Apex Legends, seemed a bit strange that it is not announced this game for mobile devices. This is because the game Apex Legends like in the context of its mobile games famous other such as Fortnite and PUBG. However, the good news for players is that the game Apex Legends will make their way in the future to mobile devices.

During the last event, which revealed the company Electronic Arts announced its financial results, the company confirmed it is in discussions to bring the game Apex Legends to mobile devices. I didn’t remember the company when it may happen, but if you still play the game actively and has been used also on your mobile device, it’s should aspire to.

According to the company Electronic Arts, has stated by saying : ” We are in advanced discussions to bring the game Apex Legends to China and to mobile devices, and we will keep you informed on time frames upon completion of those discussions. We’re talking post game Apex Legends in Korea. The game provides an opportunity for us to create direct contact with our players there, and we hope to be able to use it in other games “.

Explained company Electronics Arts also game Apex Legends is a game by the fastest growing at all according to the numbers, has demonstrated its success completely, so it is not surprising to see the company thinking of expanding the game’s availability.

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