Electronic attack targeting a number of top newspapers in the United States

The gate Arab News Technical The Gate Arab News Technical

Cause the cyber attack on Saturday in a major interruption in service to the printing and delivery to the newspaper Los Angeles Times, in addition to a number of major American newspapers, including newspapers owned by the publishing company “The Tribune” The Tribune, such as “the Chicago Tribune” the Chicago Tribune and the “Baltimore Sun” Baltimore Sun.

The newspaper Los Angeles Times, citing an informed source, that the origin of a cyber-attack from outside the United States. This, the newspaper reported that the attack led to the delay in the distribution of the newspaper “The Times” and “Tribune” and “sun” and other newspapers that are involved in the production platform in Los Angeles.

He said the House of Tribune Publishing, which also includes the newspaper “New York Daily News” New York Daily News, “Orlando Sentinel’s” Orlando Sentinel, she discovered the presence of malicious software the first time on Friday.

The newspaper “Los Angeles Times” the edition of the west coast of the United States newspaper The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times were affected by the attack of E -, where it is also applied on the production platform of the joint.

Said Marissa Collier, a spokeswoman for the Tribune for the virus damaged systems back office used in the publication and production of the “health of all our possessions”. The Collier in a statement, “there is no evidence that information of client credit card or personal identifying information may have been compromised”.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland Security she’s aware of the situation. Stated Katy Waldman in a statement: “We are aware of reports of an accident e potential to affect many of the news agencies, we are working with our government and our industry partners to understand the situation better.”

The gate Arab News Technical electronic attack targeting a number of top newspapers in the United States

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