Electronic games can be part of the Olympics soon


Do you think e-sports a sport in the traditional sense? This is still somewhat open for discussion, where many of the traditionalists who argue about it, but at the same time there are many parties including universities, that think that e-sports something worth offering a scholarship for him.

However, you can grow electronic games to degree up to the Olympics? Some experts believe in the field that it should be so, and in just the past year, the Committee adopted the Olympic as a sport activity. It now appears that we may be closer to see gaming in the Olympics, where she met the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Association of international sports federations to discuss this possibility.

Collected all of the International Olympic committee and the World Association of international sports federations about 150 representatives from the former electronic and games for the development of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, and was one of the topics discussed is whether to embed the Electronic Games in the Olympic Games or not. However, we recommend the lovers of electronic games not to talk too much.

There are still a lot of debate about whether they should be included in the Olympics, and can show electronic games for the first time in the Olympic Games which will be held in the year 2024 in the French capital of Paris, so as we said previously, we still have to wait for a relatively long time, but it is encouraging to see that there are moves to consider the possibility of inclusion in the Olympic Games.


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