Elon musk: all the features of self-driving will cars Tesla in the month of August

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إيلون ماسك.. ميزات القيادة ذاتية بسيارات تيسلا ستطرح في شهر أغسطس القادم

Revealed Elon musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Tesla electric cars that the company plans to roll out version 9 of the program self-driving car by the Autopilot in the month of August of this year, and this update will start in enabling Autonomous driving features full for all versions of Tesla cars electric, and it was through conversation not through his personal account on Twitter.

In response to the comments on Twitter from the owners of Tesla cars around the features of the proposed said Elon musk, the update will fix problems related to safety and many other things.

It is worth mentioning that Elon musk is no longer that Tesla cars become self-driving fully in the month of August but there will only be activated for a subset of features that will be added eventually to the system of self-driving. While the cars produced from October 2016 to carry all the devices that you say Tesla, it’s essential to self-drive, which led to increase the price of the car an amount of $ 8,000 as a fee for the optional extra for the original price in many of Tesla cars.

Too early to tell what may be these new features, but the Declaration comes as a surprise, given the reputation of the flowing system for the Tesla – driving at the current time. Although name that is known by the system driver automated Autopilot current is not real full, but it is a set of advanced safety features that helped Tesla on data collection, training programs, self-driving, has caused the programme of self-driving Autopilot in a number of incidents recently including at least two in the initial reports indicate that the Autopilot itself has been wrong, which is the main reason in both cases.

Caused media coverage of the accident car Tesla self driving the latter in the waging of war by Elon musk on Twitter lasted for weeks against the press where it was argued that the coverage of the wreckage of the bus ignored the larger fact that the Autonomous driving features are already safer than driving without help.

It wasn’t 2018 the best year to buy Tesla, where the car Model X model crash on the highway she put the Autopilot during the month of last March, killing its driver, Walter Huang, and in another incident, you know the driver of a car the Tesla Model X death after a car hit his barrier on the highway in mountain view and collided with two cars two more on the way. Has led coverage of safety system Autopilot coupled with the ongoing challenges in the production of Cars Model 3 to the affected shares of the company Tesla, in spite of that instead of some of the losses this month.

The setting of a date fixed to start the self-leadership suggests that Elon musk is very confident in the technology they possess, may be the features of self-driving individual a little more than incremental improvements in the system of Autopilot. And yet there is no clear deadline time, which you will be able to Tesla company deliver on its promise that the car would trip complete without any action required of the person in the driver’s seat.

According to many experts, are the features of the independent self-drive as more dangerous when you have drivers the humans to maintain attention even in the time that I don’t enjoy it in full control – systems with medium capacity. As many of the incidents of the collision of Tesla cars -according to both the police and local government officials – the reason it was the drivers who put a lot of trust in the system Autopilot they removed their hands from the steering wheel and their eyes on the road.

Elon musk: all the features of self-driving will cars Tesla in the month of August

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