Elon Musk has removed the page of Tesla and SpaceX on Facebook

The mass action “Delete Facebook” (#deletefacebook) continues to gain momentum. Dissatisfied with the large-scale leak of personal data of users of the social network urge everyone to boycott Facebook. The action is supported not only ordinary people, she is joined by more celebrities. One of the most famous people who supported the flash mob at the moment, was Elon Musk, removed from Facebook official page of Tesla and SpaceX.

The head of SpaceX and Tesla have deleted both pages after the Twitter asked the subscriber.

The time has come. #adelitasbar — wrote the Mask user Brian Acton. And asked the head of an aerospace company to remove the page from the SpaceX Facebook, “if he’s a man.” First, the Mask did not understand what it is, but after he explained that Facebook refers to disregard personal data, the head of SpaceX and Tesla immediately responded to the call, noting that he did not even know about the existence of the page. He soon wrote that it’s done.

After that, the Mask asked, what will happen to the Tesla page on Facebook and sent him a screenshot from there. Musk confirmed his status as the man, answering that and this page it also will destroy, moreover, according to him, it still “looked shabby”.

Despite these acts of courage, SpaceX and Tesla still have accounts in Instagram, which Facebook also owns. Their fate is in Twitter has not been discussed.

We will remind that as a result of mass plum of the data from the social network Facebook, the attackers were able to obtain information about more than 50 million people. The worst thing is that the company likely could know about an existing problem, but did nothing in order to resolve it.

To discuss the invitation Elon musk in “Vkontakte” and to talk about the high technology we have in the chat.

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