Elon Musk is interested in analysis of the Tesla to a private company again, and confirms that the financing was secured


I became a Tesla is a public company since 2010, has expressed its CEO, Mr. Elon Musk now wished to convert into a private company again. In the framework of the act his passion for the Great of his favorite spices, he told Elon Musk that he is thinking about turning Tesla into a private company again at a price of $ 420 per share. This does not require approval of the Board of Directors and investors, but also requires a large sum of money, despite the fact that Elon Musk mentioned in his tweet on the Twitter that it was ” insurance money “.

After a short time of posting the tweet, sent Elon Musk an email to the staff in the company Tesla tells them that this is not a joke and seriously think about making the company private again. He wrote in the letter that the reason for doing so ” is to create an environment the company operates in Tesla better “.

The details currently available about how the leadership of Elon Musk that is very slim, and the only ones we have available currently is that it will make an offer to buy shares of Tesla at $ 420 per share. However, he said, Elon Musk is also that the existing shareholders will receive the option to sell their shares to stay with Tesla when they become a private company.

Stated Elon Musk in a tweet the other that it has the necessary funding to carry out this acquisition, but he did not mention the US, where would this funding. He also explained that it would not sell its share amounting to 20 per cent in the company during the period of the acquisition and will remain as Chief Executive Officer after the company becomes private.


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