Elon Musk is the beauty of the forest and rumor deleted the game

Thrive 2018 weirder every day. the other, and more recently with the collision of Elon Musk the head of Tesla and X with the official account of the forces on Twitter.

He began to mask his attack tweet a silly rumor posted by one of the websites says that “Elon Musk buys free and them,” in order to “save the children from the virginity of Eternity,” wrote Musk tweeted that it was “unavoidable”.

Account free official on Twitter reply to Holder the report says that SpaceX will take a decade to build the base of Mars, and in the tweet it says “a full decade, Musk is? Start of construction”.

Response mask indicating that the construction in the real world it takes a longer time from the world of Free writer “actually difficult”.

The cause of the drama that some of the feedback from followers on the platform, you can follow their own admission on Twitter.

Recall that since the start of to sue the developers of Bobby game free and all a week or two we hear rumors confirming the deletion of the game to give the copyright, as the owner of emergency maintenance is scheduled, which continued due to its free closed 12 hours in April, a rumor that the game is closed forever.

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