Elon Musk may lose the position of the head of Tesla and other companies

Hasty messages of the founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla Elon musk could destroy his career. In August 2018, the billionaire suddenly announced that he wants to turn Tesla into a private company. They immediately caught the interest of the securities and exchange Commission SECas publishing important business information without notifying the investors, Elon has clearly violated the laws in force in the field of securities. Subsequently, Elon abandoned the idea to buy Tesla stock.

According to the New York Times, the securities Commission has accused Ilona of fraud. According to her, announcing the purchase of Tesla stock for $420 and subsequently abandoning his words, the billionaire investors have entered into error. Moreover, the SEC is confident that he did not discuss the publication of the message neither the existing shareholders nor potential investors of Tesla.

The SEC also believes that Elon has set the price of shares in the amount of $420, alluding to the culture of marijuana use. Edition by CNBC, citing the words of representatives of the Commission, suggested that Musk has set the price to “to amuse his girlfriend”.

Now the Commission seeks to ensure that the court discharged Elon musk from all Executive positions, including as Executive Director of Tesla. The SEC also requires that a billionaire could not become a member of any company whose shares are on the stock exchange. Also face a penalty, but its size is unknown. After accusing the SEC, the shares of Tesla fell by 10%.

In response to the accusations, Elon Musk announced that he was not going to cheat investors.

I am deeply disappointed unfounded accusations against the SEC. I always acted in the interests of investors, and the honesty is the most important value in my life. The facts prove that I was never threatened.

Sources New York Times reported that representatives of the CES wanted to organize a meeting with Elon, but the billionaire refused to negotiate. In his opinion, he did nothing wrong.

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