Elon Musk: now I want to invest in Ethereum, even if it is a Scam

One of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world Elon Musk finally mentioned crypto-currencies, Ethereum in particular. However, the statement was ambiguous Mask — billionaire did not rule out that the project Vitalik Buterin may be a Scam. This writes the Ethereum World News.

What about Ethereum

Earlier, the management of Twitter has taken action against scams that from faces of famous people are promised “free” coins ETH in exchange for a small donation. From the social network disappeared 486 accounts associated with bots-doubles.

Distribution campaign Ethereum is still in progress. To win the botnet fraud is not yet possible even by the developers of Twitter. The problem has acquired such large proportions that many well-known billionaires, investors, developers and traders have added to their nickname, the “Not giving away ETH”.

On his page on Twitter Musk said that the company “has taken the right steps” against fraud. One of the users of the social network jokingly asked whether billionaire to donate cryptocurrency.

Elon, you’re not going to send me some Aparima after all this?

In response, Musk said that “promised” coins can still get to all the deceived users. The other members of cryptocommunist quickly picked up the conversation, and the thread of discussion resulted in a few dozen messages discussing digital assets. In the end, Elon Musk summed up the discussion in a few words.

Now I want to invest in Ethereum, even if it is a Scam.

And although this is definitely a joke, the fact remains — even Elon Musk has a particular interest in cryptocurrencies. If you too like a crypt and Ilona — come to our cozy cryptcat.


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