Elon Musk to live on Mars will not only rich

The issue with the colonization of Mars every year becomes more urgent, so interested in the environment begin to emerge of the expected conversations about the availability of the ticket to the Red planet: they say that “fun” will be able to pay only the richest inhabitants of the Land, and the man in the street as always will remain on the sidelines. Billionaire and CEO of SpaceX, which plans not only to carry people to Mars, but also to establish there a colony, mentioned earlier, potentially a lot of people are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a flight to the red planet. In a new interview with TV channel HBO, which will be released in the near future, Musk refuted the view that the one-way ticket to Mars will be able to pay for only the rich.

In conversation with journalists the head of SpaceX shared about the company’s progress in its plans to colonize the red planet, and also stated that there is a “70 percent” chance that he will go to Mars.

“In recent years has achieved some success. This I say for the first time,” said Musk, adding that considering the possibility of moving to Mars on their own.

On the question of whether a colony on Mars “second choice” only for rich people, Musk said, “No, because the probability to die on Mars you will have more than on Earth.”

Elon also denied talking about the fact that mission to Mars is wishing will most likely have to pay “several hundred thousand dollars”, which is certainly very much to ordinary people, but very cheap for space travel. He noted the great enthusiasm of thousands of people who would like to participate in the colonization of Mars, but at the same time, once again reminded that we are not talking about adventure. Once on Mars, people will be faced with all the hardships of the necessity of survival. And environmental environment in which people have to live, to be materially different from the conditions to which the rich are accustomed to on Earth.

In addition, in an interview with the head of SpaceX noticed that the first colonists will have to work in very intense schedule, adding that anyone who will go first must be ready to “continuous” effort to build the first Martian base. Time to rest almost no. And if the first settlers and will be able to survive in the flight to Mars and the daily work on the planet, still will exist a high probability that the Martian environment will take more than one life. Large will likely go to Mars will never be able to return back to Earth.

“Is it all sounds like a backup plan for the rich?”, asked Musk journalists.

Last year speaking at a meeting of the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara (Mexico) Musk said that he wanted to ensure that the basic cost of the flight to the Red planet was similar to the average cost of a private house in the United States.

“You will not be able to create an independent civilization, if the ticket price will be 10 billion. If we can reduce the cost of a flight for a person up to the average cost of a home in the U.S., which is approximately equal to $ 200,000, then I think the possibility of creating self-sufficient and independent of civilization will be quite high. And I’m pretty sure that all this will happen,” said Musk.

Musk also said the sponsorship, which can take place in the future and suggested that the average citizen will one day be able to save up for a trip to Mars.

“We don’t want to go there. In fact, only a relatively small number of people would like to fly there. And among these people are those who could pay for such a trip. Can help sponsorship. Almost anyone, if I set a goal to save up for this trip, will be able eventually to buy a ticket and go to Mars. And given the fact that there is a long time will experience a shortage of labor, jobs for new employees will always be open”.

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