Elon Musk wants to develop the human mind to artificial intelligence

Earlier, warned the Elon Musk of the potential risks of intelligence artificial, and what happens when you become more powerful for your ability to control them and understand them. And to avoid this, the project was launched Neuralink one computer stroke, which aims to help people to keep abreast of the rapid developments of intelligent AI, and a guarantee of bridging the gap between human and artificial intelligence.

This project began in the year 2017, where he discussed the then Elon Musk how the project can help people to communicate with computers with high-bandwidth greater than is possible now, using the input primitive such as a keyboard.

The technology developed by the project will allow us in theory to integration with computers to access information and processed also quite like artificial intelligence, it will be for our brains to artificial intelligence own to as needed, so that we are already dealing with computers regularly, so the transition from dealing with an external device to the internal device looks and feels like a natural progression.

Next Tuesday, there will be an event in San Francisco to see the details of the project that runs during the past two years, and it’s worth noting that Elon Musk also founded the OpenAI along with Sam Altman and others as a research institution hopes to cooperate in the development of artificial intelligence specially designed for the benefit of mankind and not harm it.

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