Elon Musk wants to put computers in our brains

Elon Musk -

One of the challenges facing persons with full is their ability to control. Despite efforts to create devices which can be controlled using our brains, the company Neuralink of the Company Elon Musk hopes to take steps forward by planting the computers already in our brains.

This will be done by ” stitching ” yarns are flexible in our brains. Reach for these threads a quarter of the diameter of human hair where the sensor can built-in capture information and send it to the receiver and transfer the data wirelessly. One of the goals of the company is that in the end, this may result in improved brain function significantly allowing for patients who may suffer from brain damage or other disabilities to control devices.

The company has also long-term goal is similar to what we see in science fiction movies, the purpose is to link Brain, artificial intelligence, allowing humans to merge with artificial intelligence. According to Mr. Elon Musk, has stated by saying : ” Can we have the option to merge with artificial intelligence effectively. After solving a group of diseases associated with the brain, there is a dilution of the threat of existential intelligence artificial “.

The company is even now testing the technique on mice, but the company Neuralink aims to begin testing on humans next year, although it has not yet begun the process of obtaining the interests of the food and Drug Administration to start those tests. Imagine that it might take some time before we can ” upgrade ” our brains integration with artificial intelligence, but this looks promising to a certain extent.

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