Embodiments of imagine how it will be mouse support in the iOS system 13 on a tablet, the iPad Pro


According to promote modern, they suggested the advent of mouse support to the tablet, the iPad Pro with iOS update 13, which is expected in the second half of this year. Because the tablet of the iPad Pro already supports keyboard separate keyboard-like the official Apple Smart Keyboard, providing mouse support seems a natural evolution in the quest of the Apple to make a tablet of iPad Pro replacement for laptops.

Having said that, the designer Guilherme Martins Schasiepen imagine how it would be to support the mouse on the tablet, the iPad Pro with iOS 13. In the beginning, imagine this is the source that the process of connecting the mouse with the tablet will be similar to the process of connecting the headphones AirPods with the iPhone, this means that the tablet will stand with mouse compatible in case if you discovered it close.

Imagine designer Guilherme Martins Schasiepen also how to show the mouse pointer on the iPad Pro, and how you can use the mouse also to do many of the tasks that we used to do on computers such as drag-and-drop and make the app the floating. For a long time, relatively speaking, many have asked if it was possible for Apple to merge iOS and MacOS together, but ever for Apple to put an end to this possibility.

However, this concept makes us very close to see how you can look Macs that use screens sensitive to the touch. It was suggested also that Apple need to renew iOS system to make it more useful revelation of the iPad, it seems that mouse support might be a good start. As always, we recommend everyone to deal with these rumors with the least amount of protection, but what do you think of this design get rid?

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