Embodiments of the new and imagine how it will look like MacBook if you provide him with a folding


After manufacturers began to notebooks to create more computers, laptops, tablets, hybrids, there were some teachers at Apple, who asked the company to do the same thing. I resisted Apple for this idea in the past, but as we’ve seen with devices like the stylus pen Apple Pencil, and no longer change the Apple to its former raises our surprise.

Of course, it remains to be seen when Will Apple create such hybrid computers, but even then, the designers decided in the Astro HQ create, design, imagine the figure shows that can seem MacBook hybrid, but with some changes so that instead of featuring the laptop screen is sensitive to touch, it will come with a folding screen fully.

It seems that the final result resembles the iPad Pro is much greater than the MacBook, so that works the upper half of the screen as the key, while the bottom area of the drawing. This would be similar to the devices for folding such as the Nintendo 3DS that showcases the game in the top half of the screen, while interacting with the game in the bottom half.

We believe that it would be very difficult to create such a huge device rollaway, but we won’t be surprised in case if this is the shape that will be to our laptops in the future. At the moment, see how some companies, such as Samsung and Huawei to establish smartphone foldable can be used as tablets, so we wouldn’t be surprised if in the future our tablets can be converted into tablets large size.

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