Emergency alerts may eventually make their way to service the online streaming such as Netflix


If the government need a way to reach its citizens, it is the place where the emergency alerts useful. For example, earlier this year has been to send an alert is to alert those who live in the United States that a rocket heading to the island of Hawaii. Is sending the alarm by mistake, but it is an example of how to use these alerts.

But with the start of the people to indulge in streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify, how will the government access their messages to all citizens? Well, thanks to a new bill that was introduced recently, it seems that the government are looking at the idea of bringing emergency alerts services broadcast if there is a need for it.

And cook on the draft of the new law ” to improve the reliability of the distribution of Emergency alerts“, has been submitted by Senator island of Hawaii Brian Schatz, the senatus of the South Dakota John Thune. According to Senator Brian Schatz, has stated by saying : ” When I was sent an alert by the orientation of the rocket to the island of Hawaii in the month of January last, I have some people message on their phones ever, while the anonymous others about it on TV and radio. Despite being a false alarm, but that Alarm detect real defects in the way people received for alerts emergency “.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Government of the United States of America will in the application of this law in the end because he needs to overcome some obstacles first, such as passage through the Senate.


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