Emirates used to send the first astronauts stroller for international

Use the UAE to send the first astronauts UAE to implement the functions of the scientific in the International Space Station, in collaboration with the Russian Space Agency “Roskosmos”.

The choice fell on hazza Ali Abdul two khalfan al mansoori (34 years old) and would open Hamad al neyadi (37 years) from 4 thousands of young Emiratis, providing testing program Emirates astronauts who aimed at the rehabilitation send the Emirati astronauts to space, according to news agency Emirates (UAE).

It is planned to apply one leading to the International Space Station, during the month of April next, in the important period of 10 days, on board the vehicle “Soyuz m-s 12” space, will the astronaut the other backed up.

Succeeded al-mansoori and access to the final stage of the nominations after they complete the 6 stages of medical tests and psychological, as well as a range of personal interviews, in cooperation with the American Space Agency “NASA” and”Roskosmos”.


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