Endless short: as sellers of Asimov pushing mining to the abyss

Don’t need a reminder about how bad a bear market for miners. Due to the fall in profitability of production of crypt market hardware (GPU and ASICminers) are almost completely cooled. Once popular products that swept like hot cakes, now collect dust in the warehouses of manufacturers and sellers.

A good “indicator” of the red market now is China. The country’s real crisis among sellers of Asimov, their customers no longer visit the dealer and order new equipment. All of this suggests a sharp drop in demand, which is unlikely to rise in the next few months.

Where to buy cheap asik

In the largest commercial area of Guangdong province, a sharp decline in the number of buyers. In the area of the floors from the third to the fifth is reserved only for shops with equipment for mining. They have empty shelves, few employees and product. On a photo of one of the local Newspapers buyers do not see.

That though as-that to survive in the market, the company introduced the policy of dumping prices. Take, for example, the average seller A. He received the order for the batch to some Asimov M10 at a price of 5600 yuan apiece. This cost in itself is too low to make a profit, the goods And out of stock. What does Mr. A in this situation?

Source: 8btc

He spreads rumors that soon the market will be the biggest party of the M10 at a price of 5500 yuan. Other sellers are forced to lower their prices and Mr buys And they have asik at the new price. His client, he sells them for 5600 yuan, 100 yuan making profit on every asika.

Note that you can earn so long will not work. This pushes the market into the abyss, after all, infinitely short of the equipment impossible. To get out of the trap, we need to pump Bitcoin, now enterprise is stuck in a vicious circle. Let’s hope that bullrun to rectify the situation. And while profitable to mine on our pool 2Miners. We also recommend to pay attention to promising Zcoin.


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