“EnerJuice”.. in Europe you generate electricity from the movement

No more than the size of the Europe franc “new” EnerJuice about the size of a bottle of spray deodorant, and it doesn’t work by connecting it and charging it with electricity, but charges itself from the energy of motion, the moved and download Europe you “new” to you, says the shipment of the same.

Of course, it can be shipped to Europe let you “new” EnerJuice fast by please quick, one minute of please the device, enables it to charge the phone for a call duration of two minutes or turn the phone in standby mode for 20 minutes.

Does the idea of work in Europe you “new” to transform the kinetic energy into electrical energy, storage of energy resulting from the freedom to cash out, which has a battery capacity of 3,500 mAh battery, and enables it to work as any Europe franc is charged with electricity, in addition to acting as a small electric power through the kinetic energy.

Increasing the efficiency of the “new” EnerJuice from other devices generating electrical energy from kinetic energy, where the benefit of the weight of the battery inside it, in addition to the weight of the magnet, in getting the electricity from the movement, instead of other devices that contain magnets only.

Launched the campaign to fund the Europe franc “new”, on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, aims to raise $ 40,000 for the production of the device and described it to his supporters by April of next year, the price of 910 $ (about 16,000 pounds).

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