Engineers develop new chip is hackable can prevent attacks before they even start

Soc Samsung Exynos MediaTek

Was at the University of Michigan the development of new architectural treatments will significantly contribute to the security of the devices you use. You will be able to these chips non-porous and basically thwart attacks before they even start. This would put the current models in the comfort of patching and security.

Can chip MORPHEUS do this by encrypting and re-adjust the units to decide the task of the source code and its data randomly about 20 times a second. This is much faster than the time it takes to pirate the humans to do the migration of electronic to get access.

Said Todd Autin, the teacher of Computer Science and engineering at the University : ” people write source code consistently, and as long as there is new code, there will be new errors and security flaws. “ He added : ” the approach today to check the security holes one by one is a losing Game “. And even if you found a hacker on a bug in MORPHEUS, the information required for exploiting this vulnerability will disappear mainly after 50 is part of a second.

On this subject, stated a teacher of Computer Science and engineering, Mr. Todd Autin said : ” with Chip MORPHEUS, even if you found a hacker on the defect, the information required to exploit this vulnerability disappear after 50 is part of a second “. Concluded Todd Autin to that MORPHEUS may be the system closest to be described for the security of the future.

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