Enhanced version of the new device Nintendo Switch started up the shelves of stores all over the world

Nintendo Switch

Not only did the company Nintendo detects a Nintendo Switch Lite in the last month, the Japanese company also disclose an improved version of the device Nintendo Switch normal. And yet, I didn’t reveal to us the company Nintendo for any information about the date of launch of this enhanced version of your Nintendo Switch which carries the code name HAC-001-01.

However, it seems that the company Nintendo has already started to sell this enhanced version of the new device Nintendo Switch in some areas, we have had now reports that he is already selling the new version in places like Australia and Hon Kong, this is what you allude to we would see this new version being sold well in more regions around the world soon.

It seems unlikely that the company announces the Nintendo when you access the enhanced version new of your Nintendo Switch to new areas, so we have to control reports like this in the coming weeks and months. Tell a branch Company of Nintendo in the UK site Eurogamer last month that the new model of a Nintendo Switch will reach Europe in early September, given that the device is already listed on the official website of the Japanese company in the United States also, it might be possible consumers in the country Uncle Sam get the same time frame for launch.

According to what announced by the company Nintendo in the past month, it seems that the new version of your Nintendo Switch will provide a lifetime of better battery life ranges between 4.5 and 9 hours unlike the current version that have a battery life ranging between 2.5 and 6.5 hours.

It does not reveal the page Nintendo Switch completely on how the company has Nintendo improved the battery life in the new version of your Nintendo Switch, but it is likely that thanks to the use of a new processor and an enhanced memory. Some of the information that has been spotted earlier on the website of the commission communication federal FCC has revealed to us that the company Nintendo is planning to upgrade the device Nintendo Switch with processor and new memory storage new.

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