Entire stock of Huawei Mate X sold out in just a few seconds. But how many?

Despite the fact that recently many media expounded a blatantly unsubstantiated rumor that Huawei once again is delaying the start of sales of foldable Mate X, the new product came out, as promised, this morning. However, received it on sale in a limited edition and only in China, but this only spurred the audience. As a result the entire stock of smartphones sold out in just a few seconds. Understand why it happened and why such a popular machine at the start of sales really means nothing.

Huawei Mate X in China sold out in just a few seconds. So what?

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I think we should start with the fact that China, in General, is the norm to buy up the entire circulation of fresh new items for the period from several seconds to several minutes. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the local dismantled X new Huawei Mate in such a short time. This happens for several reasons. First, China has a billion and a half people, which is quite a lot. And, secondly, it is very loyal to local producers, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the new product from Huawei, which is now strongly Forsyth local government has responded so positively.

Who will buy Huawei Mate X

Of course, do not expect that every second Chinese run to buy Huawei Mate X, despite its innovativeness. In addition, she is the Huawei did not disclose the exact number of units sold, with an emphasis on the fact that all available copies sold out in less than a minute. It sounds really beautiful. But given the complex design of the device Mate X and high price, most likely, the circulation of the smartphone made a few thousand pieces. Yes it is a little, but to be expected for such a specific device.

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And the specificity of Mate X yells literally all in his design. First of all, I can not make the display that folds out. I have no doubt that over the smartphone worked the best minds of the Chinese company, but I’m afraid to imagine what will happen to him if he falls on the side or just something to hit. Yes, even if its just to carry folded in your pocket or bag, will surely end up in the place of the bend due to permanent contact with foreign objects will begin to form dead pixels.

What’s wrong with Huawei Mate X

The button that opens the design of Huawei Mate X terrible

The second claim to Huawei Mate X is a button opening mechanism. This solution is not entirely new. These buttons were used in the classic cots. However, there are, first, was always under the fingers, and, secondly, the lid was opened fully. Have Huawei Mate X button is on the back and also is at a technical projection, in which is embedded the camera, and then to use it will be uncomfortable. Oh, and open design it is not fully, but only raises the fixed part of the display. As a result, you will still have to apply a force to expand the smartphone.

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In my opinion, Huawei Mate X today is the most applicable for everyday use with a smartphone. The impression that this is just a prototype that wasn’t even planned to sell, but some enterprising engineer stole the test sample and decided to put it on sale for a fortune. In the end, $ 2,500, that asks for Huawei Mate X is already too much, given that the market already has a quarter more affordable Galaxy Fold, and soon there will be even more accessible and sophisticated the Motorola Razr.

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