Environmentalists believe that the modern lawn more harm than good

A group of urban environmentalists, one from Australia, one from Sweden, outlined in a paper published in the journal Science, his view of the modern rethinking of the lawn. In his work Maria Ignatieva and Marcus Hedblom note that the natural advantages of green lawn are greatly outweighed negative environmental impact and it is therefore necessary to look for new types of soil. A huge lawn of green grass surrounding a house and decorating parks, not as green as they seem.

The fact that modern lawns require a lot of water, but also fertilizers. They also require no maintenance, and lawn mowing in most cases involves a gas-powered lawn mowers, which vyplyvet in the air, carbon monoxide and other toxins. Ignatieff and Hedblom note that even from the lawns and there is some benefit — they suck carbon dioxide out of the air — negative aspects outweigh the positives. Worldwide lawns take up space in the aggregate equal to the territories of England and Spain. Lawns also require large amounts of water in arid regions on the lawns accounts for 75% of water consumption. The artificial soil will not save, because it creates problems with the water cycle and can cause poisoning local waterways.

So useful lawn?

Because of the obvious shortcomings, scientists believe that the idea of the lawn it’s time to rethink. They note that some have already begun to do so, allowing you to grow natural lawns instead of lawn. Such lawn, they note, it is possible to make aesthetically pleasing, using herbs suitable for this purpose. They also note that in some places such as parts of Berlin, the landscape allows lawns to grow. However, for the overall success people need to start rethinking modern lawns.

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