Envy: the Metropolitan of Prague and received ten brand-new cryptomate

One of the largest manufacturers of cryptomate General Bytes recently installed ten new devices in the Prague metro. Now, passengers can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the busiest stations of the Czech underground, according to Bitcoin.

The bitcoin ATM in Prague

Czech company General Bytes said the installation of ten new cryptomate on all metro lines in Prague. The day services subway used by over 1.6 million people, is one of the busiest transport systems in Europe. Device General Bytes are located at ten stations. Map with the location of cryptomate already appeared in the subway.

New devices will likely become popular among young Czechs. Prague is considered one of the most favorable regions for cryptocurrency. Here are a few companies that take Bitcoin and also the actual General Bytes.

The authorities sympathetic to the recognition of Bitcoin and positive new reforms in the financial system. Czech Central Bank even issued a formal notice entitled “do Not be afraid of Bitcoin”. We will remind, the Czech energy company Pražská Plynárenská now also accept the cryptocurrency as means of payment.

Taking into account the ten new cars total number of cryptomate in Czech Republic increased to 47 pieces. A large part of this number belongs to the General Bytes. According Coinatmradar 858 3122 of cryptomate manufactured by the Czech company.

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