Epic Games announces$ 100 million for projects that will use its engine Unreal Engine

Epic Games تعلن عن منح 100$ مليون للمشاريع التي ستستخدم محركها Unreal Engine

Announced Epic Games known for developing games since years and especially the game are common to famous, free, put$ 100 million in direct donor to the developers, artists, students, teachers, and others who build their projects on engine development Games own Unreal Engine 4.

Came this ad in the effectiveness of the company within the game developers conference in San Francisco, the company launched the name of the MegaGrant of the initiative, and other initiatives aimed at building games and new projects based on the techniques of the donor community to strengthen its presence in the market.

The organization will be provided between the 5,000 and$ 500,000$ per project Matruh, this product will not be limited to the developers of the games alone, but extend to other projects such as media and Entertainment which will be based on the tools of Unreal Engine 4.

And can interested to get home, take advantage of the capabilities of the Engine, Epic Games especially to explore the possible techniques behind Game Free.

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