Epic Games insists that the toy store would not share user data with other companies


As you have probably heard, he chose a trap of Epic Games recently launched its own App Store for games is the store where the company will offer her toys in addition to games that belong to other developers. This move comes from the company Epic Games to compete with Steam store subsidiary Valve, which is currently the store months Games and personal computers.

However, it seems that the store Epic Games Store was the focus of some controversy since it according to the formula contained in the terms of service, many people believe that by granting your consent of the accused, will buy Epic Games basically share your registration information with other companies, such as company Tencent, which owns a minority stake in the company Epic Games.

The good news is that these fears are no longer necessary because the founder of Epic Games Mr. Tim Sweeney responded to a publication on the Reddit to negate everything that has been trading in the last period so stated by saying : ” Don’t share your Epic Games data users with Tencent or any other company. We do not share or sell this information to advertising just like you do a lot of other companies. I am the founder and controlling shareholder in the company Epic Games and I will not let that happen “.

He also explained why the drafted the terms of service on this, as so stated by saying : ” the language associated with the participation data with parent companies refer to Epic Games Inc, a company that is headquartered in the United States of America. The use of this language because when you buy the game subsidiary of Epic Games in some regions such as Europe, the vendor of record is a subsidiary company Domestic for tax purposes, but the data is stored in the end by company Epic Games Inc “.


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