Epic Games raise the issue on his YouTube channel to sell his trick about Fortnite

Epic Games ترفع قضية على صاحب قناة يوتيوب لبيعه خدع حول Fortnite

All systems software, especially games which have a weakness that can be exploited in several other things, which come from famous games and starts others take advantage of them, which is what’s happening with the game Fortnite since a period because of its fame high that grabbed the spotlight.

And after him, started Studios, Epic Games the developer of the game Fortnite taking legal action strict against Brandon Lucas, the owner of the YouTube channel the Golden Modz, which serves the trick about the game to help users to take advantage of them in achieving better results but with a fee.

Lucas says view videos about using some of the tools and the gaps on his channel on YouTube that informs its subscribers of 1.7 million, and then displays the tools used for sale on his personal website. The same applies to his partner, Colton. the owner of the channel Excentric.

The company had submitted a request to delete the videos of Lucas from YouTube, while rejecting Lucas these actions by claiming that there is a lot of owners of channels and know the videos is similar.

It can be said that there are dozens of channels that know that service users, but they offer it free, but it seems that the company will be invincible for everyone trying to benefit financially from similar things.

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