Epic Games will distribute Fortnite for android on its website, not on store Google Play

Epic Games ستقوم بتوزيع Fortnite لأندرويد على موقعها لا على متجر قوقل بلاي

After its launch on the desktop system, iOS, is supposed to come to the game Fortnite to Android this summer, but her game company Epic Games and as far now I didn’t know any fixed timetable for its launch on the Android platform, and report back before the days, that game Fortnite will launch exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9, and today there are new terms may not come the game never on the store Google Play, instead it will need everyone to download from the website Epic Games website.

Where they are now hide the instructions to download and install Fortnite Mobile on Android in the code on the website of the Epic Games, the same time is to cover the Direct Download in detail, as will the site, players they will need to change the security permissions when the installation is most likely a reference to the toggle unknown sources on the phone.

Without it we can’t say with certainty whether or not the game Fortnite will launch in the Play Store in addition to the direct download, but the motivation for this game is clear, you’ll be very common regardless of how distributed, and you won’t need Epic to payment of 30% of the purchases within the app to Google if she has a signature of its own.

Finally there will be a substantial obstacle and dangerous by download Fortnite in this way, which is with respect to security, we’re talking about millions of people who will suffer unknown sources in the settings, and most of them will not stop never, and will never be all of these users are smart to know the best file to install the APK the game, which makes this way of distribution of the game easy to infection by malware.

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