Epic Games will lose its official developer account on Apple Store

Perhaps all of us are now aware of the ongoing problems between Epic Games, Apple and Google, which caused the addition of Epic Games to an option to pay directly for in-game purchases without giving Google or Apple their share of the amount, which led the two companies to delete the Fortnite game from their stores.

Epic Games announced that Apple intends to delete its account from the App Store (its account as an application and games developer) on August 28th, and accordingly, APIC will not be able to develop applications and games for Apple's systems and operating systems! Accordingly, Epic filed a new lawsuit today also to block this decision and restore Fortnite to the store!

The screen that got Apple enraged - Epic Games dares to challenge the 30% Apple Tax and gets its developer account closed in return

So far, we do not know what will happen, but if the problem between the two companies is not resolved through negotiations, we may witness a complete break in relations, and therefore we do not find the Epic Games store or Fortnite game for Mac and iMac, as well as certainly the iPhone, but IPIC expects that it will win its lawsuits That.

Source: PhoneArena

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