Ericsson: on Europe to accelerate the process of the launch of the 5G technology

Explained Peoria Ekholm Börje Ekholm, President and CEO of Ericsson Ericsson, that Europe needs to make urgent and decisive action if they want to take advantage of the competitive and creative offer fifth generation 5G, or they will suffer from losses in front of the United States, China and others.

And CEO of Ericsson in front of an audience of political leaders, entrepreneurs, international companies and emerging innovators in the conference of the Viva Technology in Paris Viva.

Called on governments, regulators and the Europeans to move quickly to remove the barriers that hinder the speed of the launch of the 5G technology, as part of a speech entitled “Europe and 5G: need for speed”.

Highlighted echo the ability of Ericsson to put the 5G technology to customers anywhere in the world by referring to the 5G networks of trade existing in the United States, Korea and Swisscom in Switzerland.

He said: the commercial launch to assess the 5G will soon be in other regions of the world, but unlike the United States, Asia, Europe lacks as a whole to the organizational effort coordinator to facilitate the digitization and the launch of the rapid assessment 5G.

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He warned the president and CEO of Ericsson that a failure to address this quickly means that the organization will be at a disadvantage to compete.

He said: the time has come to accelerate the use of 5G in Europe, and we can’t afford the cost of driving entrepreneurs and the European institutions to innovation in infrastructure is old, must be seen to 5G as the necessary infrastructure and vitality, as trains; or ports; or the airports.

5G: backbone of the digital economy

Said the Echo: if this mentality is already prevalent in the United States; Asia; and elsewhere, and all of the United States and China that the technique of the fifth generation is as essential national infrastructure and critical, besides being the backbone of the digital society, and Europe follow the same approach when launching the 4G, but it failed in dealing with the technology, while the United States and Asia in progress, which led to the decline of Europe three to four years.

He added that it was not coincidental that the winners of networks 4G, such as Alibaba Alibaba; the Netflix, Netflix; and Tencent Tencent; they are American companies and Chinese, not European, and that it is up to states to decide if they want to be part of the revolution that will launch its 5G technology.

Other actions

Said the Echo: you must provide the frequency spectrum to provide 5G in a coordinated manner and affordable to improve digital infrastructure, it is considered the demand for spectrum is successful if it raises the maximum income tax government, but the reality is that we need to take into account all the other advantages that we get from the rapid construction of communications infrastructure.

Called Echo to take action on the length of the period of the licenses for the spectrum, saying: the current approach in Europe and the resulting uncertainty in investment between operators in the latter part of the term of the license.


Confirmed echo the commitment of Ericsson to work with others to ensure the processing of security concerns and answer them in a manner not inconsistent with the objectives of the technology, saying: When we have the ability to connect everything, thanks to the 5G technology becomes security critical, we have put the safety of 5G technology into account when designing this technique, but as is the case with any system in the history of technology, it is not always possible to ensure security and safety by 100%.

He said: due to the complexity of the structure of the future networks of the future, will not be considered the security in the 5G network on existing devices in the network only, but on the solutions that already published, and the standards of operation of the network, namely the decision on operator to take it fundamentally, and continues to large companies with us about the flexibility of 5G networks about the possibility of theft of intellectual property rights, and is the security is a global issue that is extremely important.

He added that Ericsson believes that operators will make decisions around the customers who will provide them the services and the type of networks and the processes that will receive it, this would be a significant impact on the theme of security, which is why Ericsson does not believe that comprehensive testing after development is the solution, but think that the choice of post-development and disclosure of source code threatens to create a false sense of security.

And he echo of his talk on the role of 5G technology in making Europe more sustainable by saying: the aim of Ericsson to create a world of intelligent, sustainable and, will be the 5G technology key in reducing carbon emissions, and stimulate inclusive growth, will help in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


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