Ericsson: the importance of automation for service providers in the Middle East

Began the digitization impact on a variety of sectors as noted, the operators of mobile phones is a tremendous challenge in the digitization of their organizations so that they can speed up the process of digital transformation for their customers from the institutions, and the lag operators in converting their business to the loss of many opportunities provided to them by new technologies such as V and the Internet of things.

Saw the telecom market in Middle East and Africa, in great demand on the use of technology the fourth generation developer (LTE), in addition to high penetration of smart phones.

Will the rise in use of smart phones – coupled with the increase in the number of IoT devices that use the technology of the fourth generation developer (LTE) – to the substantial growth in data consumption.

While many service providers in the Middle East and North Africa to form a network of the fifth generation, they need to increase their investments to enhance the coverage, reliability and speed to ensure the provision of exceptional experiences for customers.

In the context of my conversations with some of the operators of the leading mobile network in the region, I discovered the extent of their interest that automates network management operations, where they think it as a necessary step to define the strategy of their own development.

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As they think that network automation is essential to manage the complexity of the network of the fifth generation and the Internet of things and services the fifth generation efficiently to the customers.

With the continuing operators of the Middle East and North Africa in the transfer of network functions from hardware proprietary to the software, there are a number of key questions that are often asked in this context, such as how can I use automation to relieve expenses; and what is the best way to reduce the time required to provide service to customers; and the role of the process of data analysis in helping to gain new insights to offer services that customers want to access in the world of the fifth generation.

To provide reliable answers to these questions, commissioned Ericsson the magazine “MIT Technology Review” Interviews with experts, two factors have operators of public communications officials resulted in a report entitled “Automation of network: efficiency and flexibility and the way to technique the fifth generation”, which clarify the value resulting from the automation of network operations and a tee operators are the pioneers in this field.

The report provides the following conclusions from the point of view of senior executives in the technology employed by network operators worldwide:

1. The face of the changes:

May see senior officials of the units of the technology that it is dangerous bringing about radical changes in their networks, but some structural changes are necessary to benefit from the advantages offered by automation, and businesses need to make radical changes with the aim of strengthening the culture of staff in the field of Information Technology and train them to acquire programming skills, which are necessary to run the networks.

2. The link between the level of the fifth generation and the Internet of things:

With the increasing adoption of for the new smart as a fifth-generation Internet of things, the highlight of the relationship between the two techniques for senior executives and financial managers enhances business situations associated with automation, and with high level of data traffic, the need to promote investment is a must.

3. Confidence open standards:

Develop the capacity of service providers in the Middle East and North Africa take advantage of the opportunities arising from the spread of new technologies, and on reducing the complexities of existing in the support units operations, the fragmented to the maximum extent possible, and operators continue to encourage paid to do the same thing, along with delivery of commitments from their side to one of the open source platforms, and can provide automation systems open networks greater value and benefit from the development of new services support new business models across different sectors that will arise from the use of the technique of the fifth generation.

4. Adoption of DevOps:

System (DevOps) element enable key business groups and successful businesses that rely on software, it may be to provide staff specialists in the area of Youth Skills new not enough to help them achieve milestones in the cloud quick development, whether the creation of a new structure or not, may learn the ways of work in the system (DevOps) to promote the advantages offered by network automation and the development of many other aspects.

5. Do not hesitate to enter the world of automation:

Means of automation the use of software to perform the tasks performed by typically the management of devices depending on the developer tools that are guided by, and need automation tools to confidence, and may lead to the delay in adopting her or keeping old tools for purposes related to the discharge of employees, to deprive of the enterprise to benefit from some advantages provided by the adoption of automation.

I am confident that the increased reliance on automation, will enable service providers in the Middle East and Africa to reduce operating costs and deliver services more quickly, and fully prepare to manage the complexities and exceed customer expectations in the era of digital transformation through the services yet to be invented.

Author lucky price Lucky La Riccia, head of digital services at Ericsson Middle East and Africa.

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