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Over and over again, representing journalists, and other experts to random people NeXTSTEP, Steve jobs instilled in students the idea that programming in this system is easy and simple – he was even shown sitting behind the keys, how easy it is. And many believed him.

User-friendly operating system was hostile and cruel to those who write programs for them. About the convenience for the workers of the “engine room” nobody thought. This was neither the time nor the resources. Besides, “the engineer must endure the hardships and challenges of his craft.”

It was thought that the way it should be. Someone has to pay for everything. But NeXT, not out of love for people a difficult profession, not in search of their own identity, not afraid to encroach on the foundations of the world. In this case, NeXT is Steve jobs.

The idea of the assassination was articulated in the specification, and it is a law for all developers, from the Manager to the young lovers. TK demanded to create tools and libraries that are friendly toward those like themselves.

Of course, the terms of reference was carried out. They managed to create the most friendly and efficient in the world (at least at the time) set to the developer. Moreover, problems similar to them was painfully familiar.

And that too, of course, Steve jobs could not use this trump card to their advantage. In the end, it is all planned and paid for. And everything, even the lights and the waiters who worked at the presentation, believed: programming in NeXTSTEP easy, it may not just any fool, but even the head of the company…

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Steve was wrong, once again counting individuals more intelligent than they were in reality. This stupid habit it will soon teach life – but even in 1997, already having an idea about the nature of people, it showed Apple fans the ability to use InterfaceBuilder and ProjectBuilder beauty, with the same result.

Knowing what the repetition of these spells led, analyze the reactions of listeners with different levels of intelligence.

First to believe, and barely reaching the computer (at home or in the office, and even directly at the demo site) began to try himself in the role of programmer. Those who are smarter, found Tutorial”s, and, though not on the first attempt, but managed to create something working. But any attempt to deviate at least a step, ended in nothing.

Crooks – it was the smart friend, and went to the editor (or the Prosecutor) to write about it.

The other came to the conclusion that there are some rules, like in poker or in chess, and tried to read the documentation. She was on hand, but it was too much. And it almost all was not clear – not poker. Not the crooks, not the “acego-tonepoem”.

Others do not even have anything to try, just believe and think about that very much overpaid working their developers. Can you imagine how these people are tired of strange problems, bugs, lag behind the time…

Fortunately for programmers, a few of his sight decided to buy NeXT, but since then, the suspicion and reluctance to compromise so many leaders intensified.

Others just took it for the truth, and carried the gospel around the world. The harm from them was a little: stories told with the best of thoughts remain with stories.

Others (experienced programmers) or simply forever and not believed shown, either immediately prosekli chip: the system is complex and powerful, it will take a long time, but worth a try.

Unfortunately, professionals and those who are suspects in ignorance of something himself, were in the minority.

Trump was repeatedly bit.


And what I didn’t have to read about programming NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP and Cocoa/Mac OS X. Critical opinions seem (instinctively?) more plausible, so they were happy to quote and cite as arguments in the dispute.

(Statistics), the number of those who could consider themselves a programmer’s adapt to IVF and regularly wrote in his environment development program, was unusually big for such a small platform. 100-150 thousand users, only registered on the NeXT programmers were about 70 thousand.

On the other, including in the pages of NeXTWorld, dull whining that nobody wants to program for NeXT, here can not write a good word processor, and generally bad.

Apparently, people have no idea how to write large programs for a wide range of users. One desire here a little. An elementary word processor and NeXTSTEP, and Mac OS X, written in “easily”. He was allowed to enter the text to use all the available fonts and styles, insert graphics and videos, and even watch these videos. In 1984, it could be sold. In 1989, the word processor had to be able to do a lot of other things.

The creation of programs for a wide range of users – a process that requires the participation of different specialists: designers, engineers, UX/UI analysts, testers and even managers. There are exceptions: people manage to write, without all this gang gluttonous and slow-witted people, wonderful program. But, as a rule, it is a relatively small program with a clearly defined range of tasks.

And any organized and regular work need someone to organize, and, again, regularly, should be “compensated”.

Even scolded alienated from the life of the example programs from the documentation. The charges are the same as in the beginning of the article: “step aside – and everything falls apart, stops working”. What not to read, but I guess – “documentation a lot of letters, and all sorts of incomprehensible words”. Yeah.

There is no contradiction, in fact, never was. Many times I have witnessed as professionals, regardless of their relationship to Apple and to me – to the NeXT fast enough to cope with studying very difficult and require great effort to understand the “rules” in Cocoa (if someone does not know, is a direct descendant of object-oriented development environment, NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP).

And successfully used it. I admit that to some this could not like, the same millions of square brackets, for example – but no one professional has never accused the development environment inability to solve complex problems.


Development environment in NeXTSTEP and carefully designed object-oriented library with a unique instrumentation (I’m talking about InterfaceBuilder), and in fact easier (and facilitate) the work of programmers. But it is written by people, and no fucking way is not ideal.

This is a very complex system, with difficult, and sometimes not the most successful rules. Its development requires time, trial and error.

It does not guarantee against mistakes, and sometimes just provokes these acts.

But, nevertheless, in the 90s it was the world’s best development environment – and one of the best so far, despite the glitches in Xcode (descendant ProjectBuilder) and the slowness of the iOS simulator and other systems.

All this is stirred up and cleaned, and once again tried to look at everything from the outside… I Hope that’s not whining?

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