Error.. radio TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S10 before formally unveiled

By approximately 24 hours of detection Samsung Samsung official its new phone, the Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S10, the radio announcement about the phone accidentally, Samsung has prepared by the state of the phone after it has been detected.

Stop at the wrong station, a TV, a Norwegian known, and did not change the overlap of the error something, having found the declaration by the people on the video site the world famous “YouTube” YouTube.

Featured in the advertising model of the galaxy, the Galaxy S10 the S10+, and their determination is useless dialogue almost, the front camera is embedded in the hole top right of the screen, and the one in the phone S10 Dual in phone S10+, the sensor footprint of the ultrasound in the screen, which opens the lock and allow access to the phone by touching the screen.

As stated in the declaration, will contain the phones Galaxy S10 the S10+ rear camera, three lenses, as Will the two phones feature wireless charging reverse reverse wireless charging, which means charging compatible devices from your phone.

Also revealed advertising is also an overview of the latest wireless headphones from Samsung, a headphones Galaxy best Galaxy Buds, which it seems that Samsung will her gift with phones new.

Recall that the Samsung select the day Wednesday, February 20, 2019, the date of detection, phones Galaxy new S10, so at nine o’clock pm Cairo time.

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